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  • 2" deep mini-pleat filter

  • Provides outstanding particulate removal efficiency and service life

  • Ideal for any application where 2" pleated filters are currently in use 

  • MERV 16/14A for improved air quality in occupied spaces without significant reduction in airflow



  • 4", MERV 14

  • Holds 2X more dust with 100% synthetic, exclusive, blue media with our LoadTech Embossed Design

  • Longer filter life and fewer filter change-outs with higher dust holding capacity

  • 12" filter performance in a 4" filter

  • Cost savings – reduced energy costs with low-pressure drop and low energy consumption

  • Simplified handling and easy installation –plus reduced storage space, less weight and lower shipping costs

  • Completely incinerable with high impact plastic frame 

  • Earn points toward LEED Certification


AERO Cell™ S

  • Rigid box filter

  • Medium and high-efficiency box filter

  • Eliminates the need for retainers and special external wire media support 

  • High surface area to depth ration provides the maximum amount of effective filter media in areas of minimum in-line duct space 



  • Media has multiple top performance characteristics to provide optimum filter service life

  • Lower maintenance and energy costs 

  • Manufactured for system applications requiring constant or Variable Air Volume systems including hospitals, health care facilities, food-processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing and telecommunications



  • Rigid medium and high efficiency

  • Eliminates the need for retainers and special external wire media supports

  • Effective in challenging applications where high humidity, turbulent airflow, intermittent water exposure, and elevated operating temperatures exist 

  • Non-combustible, waterproof, micro fiberglass media Radi-edge, corrugated aluminum separators. All-metal, corrosion-resistant 28 gauge galvanized steel casing 



  • An excellent option for applications currently using rigid cell style extended surface filters

  • Replacement for corrugated separator style or supported pleat style rigids

  • All plastic construction

  • Made of 100% synthetic media

  • Fully incinerable

  • Moisture and chemical resistant 

  • Low in resistance and light weight


  • 4" (MERV 11)

  • 12" (MERV 11 & 15)

  • Extremely low initial resistance

  • MERV 15 is hospital compliant for full patient care

  • Helps increase your overall filter efficiency, to exceed LEED requirements of MERV 13

  • Maintains or lowers your energy costs

  • Rigid cell design

  • All plastic components

  • 100% synthetic media 

  • Ideal for the most demanding operating conditions, including variable air volume systems, high air flow, turbulence, repeated fan shut down, high moisture, and some chemical or corrosive conditions


AERO Cell™

  • Medium and high-efficiency rigid air filter

  • Box filter construction eliminates the need for retainer and special external wire media supports

  • Perimeter frame is constructed of high strength, corrosion resistant galvanized steel

  • Beverage board die-cut faceplates are bonded to both the air entry and exit sides to maintain filter integrity 

  • Utilizes a high-density filter media composed of ultra-fine glass fibers laminated to reinforced, high strength nylon backing 



  • Self-contained v-configuration rigid cell filter

  • Maintenance free and easy to replace 

  • Can withstand burst strengths up to 30" W.G.


SERVA-Cell® Gas Turbine (GT)

  • Rigid box filter

  • Medium and high efficiency

  • Prolonged life cycle 

  • Designed for use in high-velocity or turbulent airflow conditions, allowing for airflow up to 2500 CFM



  • Offers the benefits of ASHRAE filtration performance

  • Lightweight materials and industrial strength construction

  • Able to withstand nominal air flow of 750 FPM

  • All plastic frame construction allows it to be user-friendly 

  • Frame is lighter and completely disposable through incineration


SERVA-Cell® High Temp

  • Rigid box, high-efficiency filter

  • Extended surface ASHRAE rated air filter

  • Built specifically for environments with elevated operating temperatures up to 750°F 

  • Recommended airflow rate: 500 FPM (625 FPM maximum)



  • Self-contained v-configuration rigid cell filter

  • Maintenance free, easy to replace

  • Can withstand nominal airflow of 2500 CFM 

  • Also available in a Gas Turbine (GT) model 


For more information about our boxes, please call: 908-253-8822, or fill out a contact form, and one of our associates will respond to you in a timely manner.

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