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Medical Ice Machine Services


"It's not just a job, it's a moral obligation"

- Brian Gill, Director of Operations

We hear the same story all too often. An ice machine breaks, a repair company is called, and they do the bare minimum to keep the machine going a little longer. There's little, if any, documentation of the repair, and suddenly the Joint Commission is going through for inspections.


Our team of factory-trained technicians don't just tighten a few screws and call it a day. They're obsessive to detail, and understand the importance of a clean ice machine in a patient's health.

Ice machines fall under FDA regulation, but if it's in a hospital, it's medical-grade to us.


That's why we take our time on machines, meticulously descaling and sanitizing every component, and adhering to a strict scope of work that ensures every component, whether it's touching the ice or not, has been cleaned and sanitized to the manufacturer's guidelines, and our technician's personal high standards. We're not doing ten machines a tech a day, and if we were, we'd be compromising our own beliefs in how a medical ice machine needs to be handled.

That's why we provide you with Joint Commission Reporting to know what machines were cleaned when, and which of our technicians worked on that machine. So the next time you've got a surprise inspection, you can just pull out the book we provide you and know that Blejwas Associates has your ice machines covered.

That's why we work closely with manufacturers, attending their technical training and webinars, to stay as up to date as possible on best practices for your ice machines and their area of operation.

That's why we own our customer's ice machines. We are capable of doing emergency repairs and changing out components as needed. You don't need to wonder what's wrong with the machine, you can trust the experts at Blejwas to come and fix the problem for you quickly.

Below are several additional services we can provide on ice machines that will help in your facilities infection prevention efforts:

Air Gaps In Drains

When your shower drain clogs up, where does the water go? Back into the shower. So when your ice machine is clogging it's going...back into the ice machine. This is recontamination of the machine and requires a total recleaning. By adding a one-inch air gap to your ice machine's drain, you're keeping a clog from pushing biomass back into your machine. It's a bit of a mess on the floor, but better to get some water off the floor than have to get an entire ice machine recleaned and sanitized.

Leg Kit Installations

If you've got an ice machine sitting directly on a countertop, then don't pick it up and look under it, you aren't going to like what you see. Liquids can get between an ice machine and countertop, creating a safe haven for bacterial growth. Using caulk can help short term, but there's going to be a breach at some point, and believe us when we say that nothing looks worse than clear caulk turned black...

By adding legs to your machine, you allow for both an air gap and easy cleaning access, both of which will prevent the buildup of bacteria underneath an ice machine.

Water Filter Changeouts and Upgrades

We're already working on the ice machine, let us handle the water filters as well! It's one less thing you have to keep on your schedule and worry about stocking. Additionally, we can upgrade the filter manifolds for your ice machines, such as from single filter housings to dual filter housings for areas with severe scale problems in the water.

Call: 908-253-8822, or fill out a contact form, and we'll be happy to discuss how our technicians can keep all of your ice machines running as cleanly and efficiently as possible!

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