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Explosion Proof Unit Heaters

For hazardous location heating, corrosion-resistant and forced air heaters. Steam, hot water, electric, duct mount and wash down units. Freeze-resistant and high-pressure also available. Built-in and remote mount explosion proof thermostats.


Explosion-Proof Electric Air Heaters

Designed for the harshest industrial environments and intended for dry indoor industrial applications such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, pulp, and paper mills, grain elevators, hazardous waste storage facilities, wastewater treatment plants. This heater is ideal anywhere that specific explosive gases or dust may be present.


Explosion-Proof Convection Heaters

Designed and manufactured specifically for demanding requirements and harsh operating conditions such as those in the oil and gas well drilling industry, the Ruffneck™ CX1 ProVector® Explosion-Proof Convection Heater offers the most reliable, dependable and trouble-free service available for heating hazardous locations.


Washdown Unit Heaters

Corrosion-resistant washdown heater, designed for non-hazardous locations and applications using water pressure of less than 70 psi.


Forced Air Unit Heaters

Designed for use in regular duty industrial and commercial space heating applications. This heater is ideal for use in factories, warehouses, parking garages, boiler rooms, arenas, grandstands, mechanical rooms, shopping malls, display areas, commercial storefronts and more. This heater's robust design and top-quality construction surpass the standards of most competitive models.


Heat Exchanger Unit Heaters

Extra heavy-duty (including heavy gauge steel construction) to meet the most demanding service and long life requirements for rugged industrial applications. The FR Series heaters are specifically designed for steam applications that may be subject to freezing conditions and are of particular value for outdoor applications. They gain their resistance to frost damage through the use of rectangular top and bottom headers. Explosion-proof models suitable for hazardous locations are available on a custom order.


Duct Heaters

designed for heating air or gases in hazardous environments where potentially explosive substances are present, such as oil refineries, coal mines, petrochemical plants, and sewage treatment plants. They use heavy-walled carbon steel finned tubular (Calrod® Type)* elements with a nickel-plated finish to provide safe, efficient, low-temperature heat transfer.


Explosion-Proof Exhaust Fans

Specifically designed for both hazardous and general-purpose industrial applications, the Ruffneck™ EFX Explosion-Proof Exhaust Fan is built for safety and durability. A number of optional features are available for customization, including Heresite® coating on all non-motor components, backdraft dampers, and rain hoods.

For more information about explosion proof unit heaters, please call: 908-253-8822, or fill out a contact form, and one of our associates will respond to you in a timely manner.

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